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Explore Kerala, its beauty, greenery, backwaters, hill stations etc., with our range of tour packages available.


Kerala is the right place to spend your Honeymoon where an assortment of activities is on hand. Lakes to sensitize, Sparkling backwaters, Luxuriant jade Hill Stations, Distant Beaches, Succulent Cuisine, Gracious people and great facilities. With us visit top attractions in Kerala and benefit from exploratory activities in Kerala on your honeymoon.

We arrange Honeymoon Tour Packages to Kerala to make your honeymoon a special affair, filled with ever lasting memories.


A vacation in Kerala during one of the Monsoons will excite you and mesmerize you and carry you back in time to that primordial self in you. The Monsoon is also the time for love. The sky showers all its love on the waiting earth below and the earth blushes all over in a riot of colors.

It is the Monsoons that make Kerala so green and beautiful. Had it not been for the Monsoons, Kerala’s would have been a different fate altogether. There are two Monsoons that nurture Kerala- the South West Monsoon from the Indian Ocean and the North East Monsoon from the Bay of Bengal. The South West Monsoon sets in, in the first week of June and it pours- sometimes for days on end-until August. And after a month of rain, the ponds and puddles, fields and low grounds fill up with water. And water gushes and rushes through every waterway- large and small.

And when the South West Monsoon is done, The North East Monsoon sets in, towards October- November with lightning and thunder. The North East Monsoon normally puts on its show at dusk or at night.. Streaks of lightning, rend the dark sky, rains fall in sudden showers, and then it rolls and it growls, it rumbles and grumbles and trembles and then it bursts in on you in deafening thunder. Your clothes and your hair bristle with the static electricity in the atmosphere.

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We provide taxi car, SUV, Mini Bus & Luxury bus to tourists with professional drivers all over Kerala.


The oldest system of medicine in the world, Ayurveda, had evolved from the erstwhile period of the Vedas. Ayurveda, literally meaning 'the science of life', has originated from the Rig Vedic era (around 2000 BC). Ayurveda has no side effects. We have tieups with renowned ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala for ayurvedic treatment / therapy. Also we arrange reservations in hospitals that offer international standard treatments for those who seek medical treatments in Kerala at very affordable prices. 

All these packages are offered uopn request only.


We arrange bookings for your stay from Deluxe to affordable hotels, Resorts & Homestays in Kerala.